Sir Edward Boyle.

Sir Edward Boyle went to visit Beaconsfield Road Primary School, Southall in 1963 because of mounting political pressure from parents campaigning against the school being swamped by immigrants from Commonwealth countries. The Conservatives were in power and Sir Edward Boyle was the Minister of Education 1963 -1964. At the school he had a private meeting with parents and governors, he was so moved by their plight that he went back to the House of Commons and in a speech on 3rd December 1963 said:

I must regretfully tell the house that ‘one school’ must now be regarded as irretrievably an immigrant school. The important thing is to prevent this happening elsewhere.”

Sir Edward Boyle was instrumental in formalizing dispersal, through Circular 7/65, of ethnic minority children out of urban inner city schools. A process initiated in Southall, so that no school across the U.K needed to have more than thirty percent Black or Asian children on roll. Local Education Authorities are advised to arrange for the dispersal of immigrant children over a greater number of schools in order to avoid undue concentration in any particular school” (DES, The Education of Immigrants, Circular 7/65, London, HMSO, 1965, p. 4).

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