Friday 1st April 2016

Interviewed my little brother at Christmas when he was on his annual daytrip to Bradford from Saudi via his family home in Nottingham. I let him sit on the armchair good for Netflix-bingeing whilst trying to sit upright on the edge of the bed. The interview had a formality in tone, despite being in my bedroom. Labeeb, now a comfy looking 51 year old, his arms folded above his head and legs crossed at the ankles told of a man in command. The interview only lasted half an hour, as it was my first one and really hard to think of what to say. He started off by visibly throwing his mind back to our early days in England; you could almost hear the harps singing as his thoughts wound backwards and he remembered his younger self with fondness. I don’t believe his childhood was entirely happy but it was nice hearing the warmth in his voice for the child he’d been.

Since then we’ve officially launched the project, been on Look North, BBC Radio Leeds, Yorkshire Post, the Telegraph and Argus and had a fair few get in touch to be interviewed, still looking though. Ged from Artworks organised the Launch event at The Pavilion Café on 10th March 2016, 5-7pm and ordered too much food. Fortunately we had a few hungry souls who made away with the leftovers. Here’s a picture of them….with bellies full and they’ve promised to help with the project!!

Lovely volunteers backlit by Centenary Square 10th March 2016. Thanks to The Pavilion Cafe.