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Welcome to the Bussing Out blog. For more information about the Bussing Out project contact Shabina Aslam on @bussingout or email: contact@bussingout.co.uk  

Bussing Out: an exploration into the impact of the Dispersal Policy on migrant children.

Bussing Out will focus on the experience of migrant children in schools in Bradford during the Sixties and Seventies, exploring how a particular policy affected the identity of ethnic minority children who came to the United Kingdom in that time. The Dispersal Policy, also known as Bussing Out, was a Department of Education policy, advising local authorities to disperse migrant children from inner city primary schools into schools in outlying areas, which were predominantly White. The reason for this was racially motivated; the ‘immigrant’ children were entirely from South Asian and West Indian diasporas. The dispersal of ethnic minority children took place in Bradford from 1962 – 1980.